A one stop shop for turnkey direct mail solutions!

•  We have a system of checks and balances to ensure the correctness of each and every project.
•  What this means is:  we believe in doing it right the first time!
•  We here at Money Maker advertising are dedicated to producing the best ad vehicles, the best printing, and best mailing services on the market today!

•  We have a team of professionals that look to the details of every job, to ensure that the job is done right, every time!
•  We do not think that clients should have to hear excuses on why a job was not done right.


We were established in 1999 and started with a small local multi-ad paper called the dollar saver. This contained about 40 – 50 small ads from local merchants in Arlington Texas. We had one of our customers ask us if we could do an ad just for him, and mail to select potential customers in our area. This began our journey into the realm of direct mail. For over 18 years we have done 1000’s of projects for pool companies, Texas rangers baseball club, t-mobile, broadband companies, political cards, and more. We specialize in saturation or targeted lists to make your project as successful as possible. So call us, or email us for a free quote. We here at money maker work hard for our clients!